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Satranç Tuzakları – Queen Amidala Trap

Queen Amidala Trap,The Queen’s Indian Defense is a very solid defense from black and there are many opportunities that black has to be aggressive. Instead of immediately bringing the light square bishop to b7, black moves his bishop to a6, attacking the pawn on c4. After b3 black can set the trap with Bb4. Now if white tries to block his king with his knight then he has fallen for the trap. The best move is to block with the bishop and even still black can continue with his normal gameplan.

Queen Amidala Trap

Queen Amidala

1641 Okunma

Satranç Tuzakları – Old Benoni Trap

Old Benoni Trap,the old benoni is an extremely popular opening at high level play as it immediately threatens the central pawn from white’s d4 with black’s c5. Black looks to counter attack by bringing his minor/major pieces involved into the game while continuing to threaten the central pawn support from white. In the Old Benoni Trap, Black looks to give up material early on in hopes that he can get his queen involved into the game, putting a lot of pressure on white to play very precise. Once the queen is involved in the game, there are lots of sharp lines that black has and can easily fall back into a good game even if white is familiar with the trap and plays correctly. The moves are so natural for white, you will probably find it quite easy to spring this trap on your opponents.

Old Benoni Trap

1629 Okunma